Winter is here

Less photography and more post processing.

Summer often ends in a harsh manner and this year is no exception. Winter can begin almost overnight - when that happens, some short lived opportunities for photography may arise. Here the flash-frozen morning was captured a few years ago with a Canon 350D and EF converted Minolta MC W.Rokkor-SI 28 f2.5 wideangle.

The 28 mm superb Minolta was among the most used lenses until it was decided that film needs the sharpest lenses. Even a sharp wide angle isn't remarkably sharp on film when it squeezes in a wide field of view with plenty of detail. When used together with a crop format digital camera sharpness is reasonable and field of view closer to normal lens. Here the image was cropped to wide screen format.

During the winter less photography will be made and focus will be on existing film archives. A back log of several summers awaits scanning and post processing. Some of the material may eventually appear in a photo book called Rokkors in the hands of modern photographer.

The photo book is a work in progress just like several other products and projects.

 2k large image..

In low light with Portra 800 and classic 58 mm Rokkor

This past summer's theme was photography in low light with Kodak Portra 800 color negative film. Rather than using a fast lens aperture wide open, the best lens at f-stop 3.5 was used. This was Minolta's manual focus legacy lens MC Rokkor-PF 58 f1.4.

When testing suitable lens candidates it was noted that the classic 58 mm had terrific image when stopped down two and a half apertures from f1.4 to f3.5. Together with fast ISO 800 film hand held photography in the long summer twilight hours of the northern latitudes was perfectly possible producing impressive results.

Portra 800 is the best film Rokkorlab has used.

 2.5k large image..

When you don't have a Rokkor with you

Occasionally it may still happen that Minolta or Konica or some other top quality camera and lens is not readily available when something worth filming takes place. If the event was unforgettable, hopefully at least something could be pulled from the pocket to record.

Image on the left was taken recently while on the way to the market. The sky put on a light show not seen before this year. Regrettably no Rokkor was available but something was - a small HP 5 megapixel digital camera could capture some evidence.

Even if the photo is not spectacular, the dramatic sky was.

 2.5k large image..

Developing in November

Testing Minolta film scanner.

Products and services in development (in order of priority)

Rokkorcam - a new film camera system taking 45 mm wide 16:9 aspect ratio images on standard 135 film
Optical film scanning workbench
Pentax-110 m4/3 adapter with fixed iris
M42 thread mount conversion for Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 58 f1.4
M42 thread mount and Konica AR mount conversion for several Minolta Rokkor lenses
Service and restoration for Minolta MD zoom lenses
Rokkors in the hands of modern photographer - the Photo Book

Completed products

Minolta-Konica conversion for MD 35-70 f3.5 Macro zoom
Adapter for using Minolta MD 35-70 f3.5 Macro zoom lens with Canon EOS cameras
Restoration of Minolta MC W.Rokkor-SI 28 f2.5 wide angle lens
Manual aperture modification for Vivitar 35ES (Revue 400 SE) pocket rangefinder enabling battery free operation
Fixing Tokina RMC 28 f2.8 stuck iris

Recent photos and articles

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What is Rokkorlab

Rokkorlab is a not-for-profit 3rd sector association for development of photographic and other fine mechanical products and services. A new product or service is first invented and proposed. If there was demand for the product, resources could be pooled to develop prototypes. Finished products could be manufactured on demand and made available to contributing developers. Suitable products could become available for buyers.

3rd sector means independent - the association is not tied to a commercial or other entity. Ideas flow freely. Several technology platforms are in development for prototyping and manufacturing

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