Proposed new film camera system with larger frame size.

Rokkorlab introduces the most ambitious concept for product development so far - entirely new film camera system with larger frame size than SLR. The working name for the camera project is Rokkorcam. It is not known yet if the name can be used for the finished product.

Some features of the proposed film camera system

At least 45 x 24 mm wide film frame on standard 135 SLR film (10 sprocket holes per frame versus 8 on SLR film size)
Near 16:9 aspect ratio
50% more film area compared to 16:9 cropped SLR film frame for high quality film images with less visible film grain
New rangefinder style manual focus optics for highest image quality
Film placed in film backs that can be changed on the fly
Entirely mechanical construction - no batteries or battery chargers needed
Entirely manual exposure and focus settings
As quiet mechanical shutter as possible
As small size as possible for both camera and lens
Existing manual SLR and medium format lenses can be adapted (coverage of the larger film area may vary)
Desirable design and build - inspires entire new generation for film photography!
As low cost as possible without sacrificing critical image or build quality
A new film camera system for the next 40 - 50 years
Always available either new or pre-owned
Some spare parts or accessories even 3D printable by user
Open camera system for users and other developers

2.5k large image

info (št) rokkorlab dot net

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