Best from previous seasons (summer 2016)

Spontaneous film photography with Vivitar 35ES pocket rangefinder.

Image above taken in summer 2016 shows good clarity for a color negative film. The camera was a small pocket rangefinder branded as Vivitar 35ES. Similar cameras were offered with brands like Revue 400SE in the early 1980'ies.

What is interesting is that the fixed 40 mm f1.7 rangefinder lens was designed by Minolta. The lens is capable of high resolution when stopped down to f8. Unfortunately the camera does not allow selecting aperture manually - semi-automatic exposure selects aperture based on manually selected shutter speed.

Rokkorlab has created a modification for the camera model that allows selecting between two apertures manually even when no battery is present. Modified camera can be used for brilliant rangefinder photography and needs no batteries or battery chargers.

More about the modification here

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