Best from last season (summer 2017)

Cloud making aircraft activity captured with modified Vivitar 35ES pocket rangefinder.

Image above was taken in May, 2017. It shows a common almost daily phenomenon where strange aircraft appears before midday and begins to fill the sky with artificial cloud cover. In a matter of an hour or two the sky has been completely blanketed with grey or white haze. The image also shows that on such day it is still entirely possible to fly without leaving a blanket of clouds behind.

Image was taken with a modified Vivitar 35ES (Revue 400 SE) pocket rangefinder. The camera has been modified to offer two user selectable f-stops f3.5 and f5.6 even without battery power enabling fully mechanical film photography. Exposure was metered with a separate Selenium powered light meter.

The same sky captured an hour later here

More about the Vivitar 35ES (Revue 400 SE) aperture modification here

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