Best from this last summer (2017)

Bird in sunrise with Hexanon lens and Konica TC-X manual film camera body.

This past summer's theme was battery free photography using manual film cameras and hand held Selenium lightmeter. Original plan consisted of two manual film cameras - Konica TC-X and Vivitar 35ES (Revue 400SE). Because the required service and modifications on the Vivitar could not be completed in time, most of the summer season photography was done using manual TC-X film body and several Hexanon lenses.

Bird in sunrise was taken in August with Konica TC-X and Hexanon AR 40/1.8 pancake lens. Exposure was metered using Revue Selenium lightmeter. No batteries were needed for this photography.

The jury is still out on whether the Hexanon AR 50/1.7 or AR 40/1.8 (pancake) is the better lens - both deliver good sharpness and contrast.

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