Capturing summer sky and clouds with digital

Adjusting for maximum dynamic range.

Image above was taken with Lumix GF1 digital camera. CC20M color correction filter was used in front of the lens to compress contrast. In Photoshop Shadow/Highlight filter was used to slightly enhance contrast for clouds.

Creating dramatic looking summer skies requires of course a suitable location where clouds begin to accumulate during a lazy afternoon. This is the case for the town of Hämeenlinna where Rokkorlab workshop currently resides. During June, July and August skies over Hämeenlinna can appear cinematic unless plagued by artificial looking unattractive clouds made by aircraft activity. During the last five years less and less naturally cloudy summer skies have been observed.

The reason for busy aircraft activity leaving behind artificial and unattractive cloud cover over the town is not currently known. Clouds created by aircraft are not cinematic and photography is usually not possible during artificial cloud days.

During the handful of natural cloud days results like above can be easily achieved.

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