Why the new Pentax-110 adapter is needed

More accurate adapter with iris could improve image quality.

Image above is a test captured last summer (2016) with 18 mm Pentax-110 wide angle adapted to Lumix GF1 digital camera using available P110-to-m4/3 adapter.

The lens and camera together produced images with plenty of character. However, it was noted that commercially available adapter had several flaws that could not be entirely corrected with adjustments. The adapter did not accurately position the lens and off axis image can be seen above where the right upper corner is sharp but the left lower corner is slightly softer - the lens does not project straight down to the sensor due to inaccurate adapter. Stopping down the lens was not enough to produce constant sharpness across the image.

Another problem was the lack of iris making the lens operate wide open at f2.8 limiting depth of field and image quality.

A new more accurate Pentax-110 adapter with fixed iris at f4.5 is currently in development. When available the new adapter should take full advantage of the beautiful and sharp image of Pentax-110 film lenses.

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