Proposed new film camera system

Rokkorcam takes 45 mm wide 16:9 images on standard film.

Image above shows the back of an old Altix film camera. Illustrated are the standard film frame width 36 mm compared to proposed new 45 mm 16:9 wide film frame. Almost fifty percent more film area could be exposed compared to standard SLR film frame cropped to 16:9 format.

The Altix camera could serve as a test platform for the new Rokkorcam. It is possible to modify the body so that wider than usual film frames can be exposed. In the first tests several Rokkor lenses covered the wider image circle. If the new camera could be developed and built, more image from Rokkor lenses could be seen than ever before.

Rokkorcam is the working name for the proposed film camera system taking 16:9 wide film images on standard film.

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