Best from previous seasons (summer 2016)

Ektar 100 color negative film and Minolta 28 mm wide angle.

Here is possible to see photo results from summer 2016 by Kodak Ektar 100 film together with serviced, restored and EOS adapted Minolta MC W.Rokkor-SI 28 mm wide angle lens. Film scanning was made with Pakon F-135 scanner.

This 28 mm Minolta wide angle could be called "big" lens in terms of image quality. It is not very well known by modern photographers because of several reasons. The Minolta mount is not easy to adapt to Canon EOS or Nikon cameras, thus conversions like seen used here have been rare.

Another reason is that the lens contains radioactive Thorium for higher index of refraction glass. Even if one did not fear the effects of radioactivity, without service and restoration the lenses come with a yellow tint. In a restoration process the coloring is mostly removed by exposing the lens element to strong ultraviolet source for several days.

Ektar 100 is a stunning color negative film with unrivalled clarity and color saturation.

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