Best from previous seasons (summer 2016)

Restored and EOS adapted wide angle in action.

Image above shows Minolta's best 28 mm wide angle in action captured in June, 2016. The lens was fully serviced by Rokkorlab and adapted to Canon EOS lens mount. Film body was Canon EF-M. Only one lens has been adapted such way that it can be used with all Canon cameras including full frame bodies. Full adapting requires cutting material from the lens element holder at the back of lens to prevent full frame sized mirror from colliding with the lens.

MC W.Rokkor-SI 28 f2.5 wide angle has good resolution and would benefit from a higher resolution film scanning. Color negative film was scanned with Pakon F-135 scanner in 3k resolution. Preferred scan resolution for a sharp wide angle could be as high as 8k.

Subjects, scene and sky all cooperated for the spontaneous photo thus becoming one of the best of summer 2016 by Rokkorlab.

3k large image

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