Best from previous seasons (winter 2015-2016)

Filmed and scanned with the same lens.

This winter scene was photographed in February, 2016. What is interesting is that the taking lens on location and the lens used to later digitize the color negative frame was the same - Minolta MD 50 f3.5 Macro.

During 2014 - 2016 many attempts to digitize color negative film was made to achieve the finest quality. One method that was developed and used for this sample image was segmented scanning where the film frame was divided into two or three segments. Parts of the film frame were digitized separately using Canon 50D digital camera body and Minolta 50 mm macro lens. Digitized pieces were stitched together in Photoshop to produce high resolution film scans.

While the highest resolution film scans were achieved with this method, quality of colors leaves something to be desired - latitude (available steps of contrast) of digital camera does not reach level required by analog film with practically infinite amount of contrast steps.

Work continues to produce the highest quality film scans.

3k large image

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