Best from last season (summer 2017)

Almost normal summer sky.

The title of this image taken last summer using Konica Hexanon AR 40 f1.8 lens and color negative film refers to the fact that it has become an increasingly rare sight to photograph summer sky without artificially created clouds left behind by strange aircraft activity.

During the last five summers observed by Rokkorlab on one location in southern Finland has seen the days of normal summer sky shrink to a handful. On most days strange aircraft activity can entirely blanket the sky in a grey or white haze in a matter of hours. The haze stays in the sky the whole afternoon. Even on a summer day without aircraft activity some of the material from previous days is still lingering in the air making the blue parts of the sky less blue than before.

At the moment it is not known why aircraft activity creates a blanket of haze in the sky on most summer days. The impact on summer photography is adverse. Impact on health or environment can only be guessed.

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