Best from previous seasons (winter 2016-2017)

Minolta MC W.Rokkor-SI 28 f2.5 wide angle.

This image was selected to represent the best photos of winter 2016 - 2017 taken by Rokkorlab. It is from the first film roll of 2017 taken in early January.

Rokkorlab studied the construction of Minolta's most famous 28 mm wide angle lens. It has 9 lens elements in 7 groups. One of the lens elements contains Thorium for higher index of refraction. Over the years and decades small but constant radioactivity from the Thorium has colored the particular lens element. It was noted that exposing the colored element to ultraviolet source cleared the glass back to almost what it should be. Remaining coloring can be corrected in post production or on location using a color correction filter 82A.

Image above shows the extraordinary image quality of the MC W.Rokkor-SI 28 f2.5 lens after service and restoration by Rokkorlab.

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