Best from previous seasons (summer 2016)

Small local tornado called trombi caught building.

While testing photographic tools unexpected situations sometimes develop. In the image taken by the local surf station in August, 2016, a minor local "tornado" called trombi is seen building. The beginning of a sudden whirl is seen on the right.

Only a few minutes later all people including the photographer were seeking shelter from wind and rain. Trombi is usually not powerful enough to cause permanent damage. Rapidly rising circling wind is still interesting natural phenomenon and can sometimes be a bit frightening together with good amount of rain coming down.

Trombi did not last for many minutes and summer weather soon returned to the scene captured by Minolta Rokkor-PF 50 f2 lens.

Color negative film was developed and scanned by specialist shop in Ireland. Scanner was Pakon F-135.

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