Best from previous seasons (summer 2016)

18 mm Pentax-110 lens on Lumix GF1.

Not many digital photos were taken during summer season 2016. Here is one taken with 18 mm adapted Pentax-110 wide angle and Lumix GF1 digital crop format body.

When testing the tiny Pentax lenses it was quickly noted that sharp images could be taken. The problem was that the adapter did not position the lens accurately, thus sharpness was not consistent across the frame. If you looked at the image closely, the left lower corner isn't sharp while the right corner is - this is caused by inaccurate lens adapter. Another problem is that Pentax-110 lenses do not contain iris so they always remain wide open at f2.8 limiting depth of field and image quality in many cases.

Rokkorlab will design and fabricate new PTX-110 lens adapter with fixed iris f4.5 for digital cameras. When completed flawless digital photos can be taken with superb Pentax-110 manual focus lenses.

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