Testing Tokina RMC 28

A pick from the short list of entry level manual focus lenses to have.

Tokina RMC 28 f2.8 costs little or even less money depending on the condition and is easily available on the auction site. Many reviews have given good recommendations. Rokkorlab received two Tokina RMC 28 f2.8 lenses to test. One in M42 thread mount for digital cameras and the other in Konica AR mount for film.

First thing to notice was that both lenses had aperture stuck wide open - not unusual for second hand Tokina RMC lenses. Before purchase it is good to make sure that the iris works. Service job to clean aperture blades could be time consuming.

After servicing the Konica AR mount lens and fixing the iris a film sample image was taken seen above. Film was Fujicolor 200.

While overall rendering is decent the lens doesn't seem to have the biting sharpness of Minolta MC W.Rokkor-SI 28 f2.5, especially on digital. On film sharpness is rather good. The only real negative remark comes from unsophisticated high light rendering - seen in the sample image in the top right corner. For general use wide angle shots the lens is useful.

Service for Tokina RMC 28 mm wide angle lens iris is available.

3k large image

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