Lens test - Hexanon AR mount

Sharpness and contrast compared.

In this non-scientific test Siemens test pattern was printed on paper and mounted against window. Several Hexanon AR mount lenses were focused to the test pattern and pattern size matched by changing distance between lenses. All test images were taken at aperture f5.6, except Hexanon AR 2x tele converter with Hexanon AR 50 f1.7 was at f2.8 (effective f-stop 5.6).

Three lenses had nearly the same sharpness and contrast, Hexanon AR 50 f1.8, Hexanon AR 50 f1.7 and Hexanon AR 40 (pancake) f1.8. For best sharpness any of the three lenses could be used.

Hexanon AR 2x tele converter was used together with Hexanon AR 50 f1.7 set at aperture f2.8 (effective f-stop 5.6). Corner performance was poor while center performance remained moderate. For best overall sharpness the taking lens should be stopped down to at least f4 (effective f-stop 8). Based on this test Hexanon AR 2x tele converter can be used for occasional tele shots especially when the subject is centered and film speed allows stopping down the taking lens to f4 or more.

Vivitar 35 f2.8 for AR mount (made by Komine, serial starts with 28xxx) is slightly behind Hexanon lenses in terms of sharpness and contrast. Overall performance of the Vivitar was considered good (four stars) while the three Hexanons were excellent (five stars).

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