Sunrise with Hexanon and Kodak 50D

Color negative film for cinematography used for photography.

Image above was taken earlier this summer using Konica TC-X film body and Hexanon AR 50 f1.8 lens stopped down to f4. No batteries were needed, TC-X offers all available shutter speeds in mechanical mode. Exposure was metered with a separate Selenium light meter.

This time the film that was used was specially cut from Kodak 50D daylight cinematography roll and packed to standard film canister for photography with SLR or rangefinder camera with more or less 30 frames. Processing cinematography film requires an extra step - so called Remjet layer that protects the film in a high speed movie camera (one 24 frame roll each second for Vista Vision cinema format) has to be removed from the film before developing is possible. Full service for cinematography film for photography can be easily found from auction site.

Three Hexanon AR lenses have been found to be nearly equally good - AR 50 f1.7, AR 50 f1.8 and AR 40 f1.8. This time the 50 f1.8 was used to capture magnificent sunrise. It is too early to say if one of the three Hexanon AR lenses is the best. However, it can be said that any Hexanon AR normal lens should satisfy even the most demanding photographer and legacy manual focus lens enthusiast.

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