Battery free summer (2017) is here

Film photography that needs no batteries or battery chargers.

Image above shows film cameras, lenses and adapters that will be used for summer photography season 2017. On the right are Konica Hexanon AR items that have been tested and qualified for photography. Konica TC-X is a mechanical film body that can be used without batteries. Hexanon AR lenses in the image are Hexanon AR 40 f1.8 pancake, Hexanon AR 50 f1.8 and Hexanon AR 2x teleconverter. Also seen are Minolta circular polarizer and Selenium powered Revue light meter.

On the left are items that were not quite finished during the spring but might still become useful while the summer matures. Vivitar 35ES and Revue 400 SE pocket rangefinders were tested and evaluated already last summer. However, for this summer the camera model will receive two upgrades. Aperture has been modified to have two manually adjustable f-stops. Wonderful six element rangefinder lens has become slightly loose and needs to be corrected and fixed. The job requires complete overhaul of the camera and fabricating custom parts. Completed and finished camera will take brilliant rangefinder film images even without battery power.

Some other items that did not quite finish for this season are adapted Minolta MD 35-70 f3.5 Macro lens for Konica AR cameras and new Pentax-110 lens adapter for digital Micro Four Thirds cameras. These may be completed during the summer as time and resources permit.

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