Concept for the Rokkorcam

Sixty year old camera helps to develop a new film camera.

Image above shows the business end of Altissa Altix film system camera. While developing entirely new film camera - Rokkorcam - a suitable old camera was discovered that could serve as prototype and test bench for the concept of the new camera. With a few modifications the Altix will be enabled to take 45 mm wide film images on standard 35 mm film.

Altix has leaf shutter 28 mm away from film surface. A lens mount could be fabricated that allows testing different lenses to determine which lens could produce 45 mm image circle to cover wider film frame.

Unlike other cameras that have a rigid box in front of the film Altix has empty space between shutter and film. Simply removing a bit of material from the body creates 45 mm wide opening. If the diameter of the shutter throat is enough, nothing should prevent taking wide film images in 16:9 aspect ratio with a suitable lens (update: suitable lens is a Rokkor - they cover the wider image!).

Through the hatch at the back of the camera a ground glass can be dropped onto the film plane to allow precise focusing while making film duplicates or macro photography.

 2k large image..

Making slides from color negative

Working with film is actually a work flow involving several steps and film generations. One can not simply scan a color negative image and expect brilliant results - it just does not work like that.

Color negative film is good for storing picture information but not display it. Therefore the negative is inverted in fully analog process into positive image on another film and enlarged in the process (if possible). The positive film copy is the image to be viewed and scanned.

Vericolor slide film is a negative film to create positives. It is developed as negative and the resulting copy is positive image.

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Shutter and lens mount for Rokkorcam

Altissa Altix camera appears to be the perfect platform for prototyping new Rokkorcam film camera. In the image Tempor leaf shutter can be seen. Mechanical shutter needs no batteries and is positioned correctly in the light path so that Rokkor lenses can be rather easily adapted and tested.

Rather than adapting lens the Altix camera lens mount will be replaced with M42 thread mount. The result depends on the shutter diameter - if it allowed wider than SLR images go through to 45 mm wide film frame.

Can you already see a Rokkor on top of the camera like I do?

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Developing in April

Hexanon AR 28 f3.5 and Tokina RMC 28 f2.8 lenses side-by-side comparison. Optical film scanning workbench under construction.

Products and services in development (in order of priority)

Rokkorcam - a new film camera system taking 45 mm wide 16:9 aspect ratio images on standard 135 film
Optical film scanning workbench
Pentax-110 m4/3 adapter with fixed iris
M42 thread mount conversion for Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 58 f1.4
M42 thread mount and Konica AR mount conversion for several Minolta Rokkor lenses
Service and restoration for Minolta MD zoom lenses

Completed products

Minolta-Konica conversion for MD 35-70 f3.5 Macro zoom
Adapter for using Minolta MD 35-70 f3.5 Macro zoom lens with Canon EOS cameras
Restoration of Minolta MC W.Rokkor-SI 28 f2.5 wide angle lens
Manual aperture modification for Vivitar 35ES (Revue 400 SE) pocket rangefinder enabling battery free operation
Fixing Tokina RMC 28 f2.8 stuck iris

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Archived articles

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