First results with Minolta-Konica

Konica AR adaptation for classic MD 35-70 f3.5 Macro zoom.

Image above may not be the best photograph ever taken but serves well the purpose of demonstrating adapted MD 35-70 f3.5 Macro zoom on Konica TC-X film body. Konica AR adaptation for the brilliant Minolta zoom is nearing completion and a prototype is being tested. Image is as sharp and detailed corner to corner as when used together with original Minolta body.

Why convert a Minolta manual focus lens for Konica lens mount? There are at least two good reasons - Konica has a relatively modern and attractive film body TC-X from the late 1980'ies that happens to be entirely mechanical requiring no batteries to take film photographs. The AR adaptation is also relatively simple to fabricate and less laborous than conversion to other alternative the M42 thread mount.

Even a bit more sharpness can soon be squeezed from the classic Minolta zoom - refurbished lenses will be returned to factory condition with several new spare parts that can be 3D printed. Play in the focus ring will be eliminated further improving image quality.

Film for this sample shot was Fujicolor 200 scanned with Pakon F-135 scanner by specialist shop.

 2.5k large image..

Tutorial - adjust shadow saturation

Often there is a need to de-saturate shadows before boosting overall saturation to film-like levels. But how to do it? In this tutorial step-by-step instructions are offered.

In principle the shadow areas need to be isolated and selected somehow first before they can be adjusted. Selecting a range of colors or hues is done with Select > Color Range... palette in Photoshop. From there select Shadows.

After the selection has been made, the selected area has to be converted into a layer mask. This is done in Select > Save Selection palette. From Channel: select the name of the upper layer.

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The amazing Minolta-Konica

One more exciting adaptation is nearing completion. In the image the first working prototype Minolta MD 35-70 f3.5 Macro for Konica AR can be seen. Beautiful Minolta zoom can soon take photographs without batteries when paired with Konica TC-X film body.

Usually when adapting Minolta or Konica lenses to other cameras the converted lens will not focus to infinity without significant modifications. In this conversion it is the other way around - the lens focuses way past infinity because of different lens-to-film distances between Minolta and Konica.

When completed the converted lens will focus correctly.

 2k large image..

Developing in March

More 3D printed parts and products will be completed. Building entirely new film camera begins.

What is Rokkorlab

Rokkorlab is a not-for-profit 3rd sector association for development of photographic and other fine mechanical products and services. A new product or service is first invented and proposed. If there was demand for the product, resources could be pooled to develop prototypes. Finished products could be manufactured on demand and made available to contributing developers. Suitable products could become available for buyers.

3rd sector means independent - the association is not tied to a commercial or other entity. Ideas flow freely. Several technology platforms are in development for prototyping and manufacturing

Are you a developer

Developers often struggle to find the necessary support to create entirely new or improved products. First there must exist an idea. But what then? How to begin to push the idea into a real useful item? This is where a developers' association could enter the picture.

If interested in products or product development, please use contact information

Proposed products

Entirely new film camera system for the enthusiast

Products or services in development

3D design and CAD using Impulse Imagine3D software for 3D printed parts and products
Metal shop for camera and lens part manufacturing
New adapter with fixed iris for Pentax-110 miniature film lenses
Film workbench with film microscope for analog film copying and inverting negative film to positive for scanning
Repair and restoration of Minolta MD zoom lenses
Rokkors in the hands of a modern photographer - the photo book

Completed products

Minolta-Konica conversion for MD 35-70 f3.5 Macro zoom
Adapter for using Minolta MD 35-70 f3.5 Macro zoom lens with Canon EOS cameras
Restoration of Minolta MC W.Rokkor-SI 28 f2.5 wide angle lens
Manual aperture modification for Vivitar 35ES (Revue 400 SE) pocket rangefinder enabling battery free operation
Fixing Tokina RMC 28 f2.8 stuck iris

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